A note on Indian horn etiquette


  • Give a couple of warning toots if you plan to pass someone. Then as you pass them hold the horn for the entire duration of the passing (at night you may like to include flashing your headlights for a sort of disco/rave effect). 
  • As traffic lights begin to countdown to either green or red toot persistently. 
  • If you are approaching a blind corner on a narrow road give a few decent toots so that if there is anyone coming in the opposite direction they know you’re there
  • Remember, he who toots first and loudest wins right of way
  • Toot at pedestrians who are walking regardless of whether you have ample space to get around them or not. 
  • Have your cars horn vaguely altered so that you stand out from the crowd. 


  • Don’t toot in anger, that will generate confusion instead, if someone’s driving annoys you pull up next to them at the first possible instance and have a discussion about it. 
  • Don’t toot at cows unless you absolutely have to… Cows are allowed to move as they please. 

Finally, sometimes horns are just fun, as is noise pollution so every now and again just throw a couple of loose toots out just for kicks. 

A road in McLeodganj – this is the wide part designed for passing!!

Below are just some of the people/things you share the road with…


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